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DJM Beats Summer 2013At DJM Beats, I have the business ethics of treating your event the way I would want to be treated and/or treat you like I would my family.  I have been blessed to be a part of 5 weddings so far this summer with 1 more still to come. In addition, I have been the DJ for 1 Open House (Congrats again Kirstie), the Luau at Spencer Park Pool and 2 Birthday Parties. At each event we go to, I live in the moment right with you and all of your guests.  So I just wanted to share my favorite memory at all of the events we were at this summer:

Morgan and Craig’s Reception: Right after the first dances the groom and his groomsmen dressed up like the cast from ‘Duck Dynasty’.  They had the shades, camouflage, and duck calls, they were Willie, Jase, Si, and Phil to the ‘T’.  It was awesome! As a fan of the show myself, that was a cool idea and memory of the night that’s for sure!

Amber and Zach’s Reception: I don’t think you can give a better toast/speech than what their Best Man and Maid of Honor did that night! Matt had the guests laughing the entire time as he told stories of he and the groom’s upbringing, even having his High School Principal, who was in attendance, standing to interject something in his story. The Maid of Honor, Kelsey, gave her toast to the tune/rap of “Can’t Touch This” -MC Hammer.  It was very impressive and comical to say the least. Great times that night!

Matt’s Birthday Bash: This was for one of my best friends, who happens to be my cousin, Matt.  Never a dull moment with him and his friends! We played music and danced until the next day, literally. There are many memories from that night and it was a great time had by all!

Kelsey and Andrew’s Reception: This was a hot day, my assistant, Greg, and I were sweating more than we thought possible while we setup and tore down for the event.  What I thought was the greatest part about that night was the dance floor.  Kelsey’s Great-Grandmother, who was wheelchair bound, was out tearing up the dance floor with the entire family for a few songs.  Moments like that do not get much more special than that.

Luau at Spencer Park Pool: What an evening this was! Many kids and their families came out for a swim and to enjoy the festivities of the Luau.  Heather and I played several games with all of the kids, and I was questioned on many occasions by the kids when the next game would start.  I think it is safe to say the kids had a blast at the Luau! Can’t wait to see everyone there next year.

Alyssa’s Birthday Party: This was a spur of the moment event for us, but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world! It was a pool party for the daughter of very close friends of mine, Scott and Jen.  There were about a dozen or so preteen to teenage girls. Of course, it started out with myself, along with Scott, Jen, and Scott’s Mom, dancing to all of the great tunes we play, because the girls were “too cool” to dance at first.  However, once I got them going by playing a game to our beats, they were all about DJM Beats and dancing until we stopped the music for the night.

Ashley and Matt’s Reception: We traveled to LaPorte for this reception, to the beautiful venue of The Allure.  I must say; Ashley and Matt’s family and friends know how to party it up and dance until the music stops.  The dance floor was packed all night, and I was finally able to see what the “Wobble” dance is supposed to look like! I would have to say the introductions that night were most memorable for us.  Between introducing someone as a starter on THE Ohio State University football team, and another from Croatia it was quite the line-up of introductions. You guys were amazing!

Heather and Mike’s Reception: This was a beautiful reception at the Avalon.  The best memory from that night for myself was the dance for the Bride and her Mother.  These two beautiful ladies are great friends of mine, and God doesn’t make them much better than these two; beautiful inside and out! They danced to Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood…need I say more. Great Memory! Not to mention, it was an excellent party, they didn’t stop dancing until the music stopped! You guys were all amazing too!

I cannot thank each of you who allowed us to be a part of your special day! As you can see, we had a blast and will always remember your special night we shared with you!

Our summer isn’t over yet at DJM Beats! We’re coming for the KV Class of 2003 Reunion next week and more events to come in the coming months!

Check back often!

David Myers

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  1. Something Photography - Wheatfield / August 7th, 2013 21:31

    Dave, You are amazing. It was great to work with a DJ that communicated everything to the photographers to make sure we were ready to go with lighting changes and specials. Thanks so much! Keep rocking!


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